Frequently asked questions about voluntary disclosure program – not accepted

What is not accepted under the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)?

Disclosures relating to any of the following are not accepted under Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP):

  • bankruptcy returns;
  • income tax returns with no taxes owing or with refunds expected;
  • elections;
  • advance pricing arrangements;
  • rollover provisions; and
  • post-assessment requests for penalty and interest relief.

What are the conditions for a valid voluntary disclosure?

Who can make a voluntary disclosure?

How can I make a voluntary disclosure?

What is accepted under the voluntary disclosure program (VDP)?

What is the effective date of disclosure?

Can I make a disclosure through Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) more than once?

Can I make an anonymous disclosure through Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)?

What is “named” disclosure method?

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