Who has to file T5013 – partnership information return

Starting from 2011, a partnership that carries on a business in Canada, or a Canadian partnership with Canadian or foreign operations or investments, has to file a T5013 – partnership information return for each of its fiscal Period if the partnership:

    • at the end of fiscal period, has
      • an absolute value of revenues plus an absolute value of expenses of more than $2 million, or
      • more than $5 million in assets ( tangible or intangible, ignoring depreciation) or
    • anytime during the fiscal period,
      • is a tiered partnership (i.e. the partnership has another partnership as a partner or is itself a partner in another partnership);
      • has a corporation or a trust as a partner;
      • invested in flow-through shares of a principal-business corporation that incurred Canadian resource expenses and renounced those expenses to the partnership; or
      • the Ministry of National Revenue requests one in writing.