Business Number (BN)

A Business Number is a nine-digit business identifier. It is assigned to you by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when you registered at least one of the four CRA business accounts.

The four major CRA business program accounts and the program identifiers are:

  • RT – GST/HST
  • RP – payroll deductions
  • RC – corporate income tax
  • RM – import/export

The program account number consists of three parts – the BN, the two-letter program identifier and a four-digit reference number. For example, your account number may look like this:

123456789 RT 0002

“123456789” is your business number
“RT” is program identifier (means GST/HST)
“0002” is reference number. If you have only one account, it will shows like 123456789RT0001.

When you make payments or enquiries related to your account, it is important you provide the complete 15-character account number.

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