Comparison of CCA class 10 and class 10.1 vehicles

You passenger vehicle can belong to either class 10 or class 10.1 depending on the cost of the vehicle. If it costs more than $30,000 (cost limit) before GST and PST or HST, it belongs to class 10.1. The rules of capital cost allowance (CCA) between these two classes are different. 

The following compares CCA class 10 and class 10.1:


TopicsClass 10Class 10.1
CCA rate 30% 30%
Group all vehicles in one class yes no
List each vehicle separately no yes
Maximum capital cost no yes
50% rule on acquisitions yes yes
Half year rule on sale no yes
Recapture on sale or trade-in yes no
Terminal loss on sale or trade-in no no


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