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Multi-millionaire KPMG Canada clients pays virtually no tax

KPMG offshore 'sham' deceived tax authorities, CRA alleges
A wealthy Victoria, B.C., family paid virtually no tax over a span of eight years – and even obtained federal and provincial tax credits – while being involved in an offshore tax "sham" developed by one of the country's most respected accounting firms, the Canada Revenue Agency alleges.

Four senior partners with KPMG accountancy firm arrested in HMRC tax evasion inquiry
Four senior partners with accountancy giant KPMG have been placed on administrative leave after they were arrested in Northern Ireland in connection with suspected tax evasion.

KPMG tax "sham" used by at least 25 wealthy Canadians, document says.
For more than two years, KPMG has been fighting court order to provide the list of names of multi-millionaire clients who had used what the CRA has alleged in court order documents is a "sham" Isle of Man tax avoidance structure. 


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