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What to know about Ontario Retirement Pension Plan?


What you need to know about the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan is a new, provincially managed pension plan being created for residents of Ontario. It is intended to cover people who don’t have workplace pension plans, giving them extra income in retirement.
The Global and Mail

Ontario Retirement Pension: who loses, who wins
If you've heard anything about the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, it's probably that Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne are publicly fighting about it.
CBC News

Justin Trudeau delivers help for Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario pension plan
The federal government will direct the Canada Revenue Agency and the finance and national revenue departments to work with Ontario officials on administering Ontario Retirement Pension Plan.
Toronto Star 

‘We don’t need a big, fat pension plan in Ontario’: Jack Mintz
When it comes to retirement, most people’s main concern is will I have enough money? Economist Jack Mintz, President’s Fellow, The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, says many Canadians are doing well in terms of saving toward their retirement goals, and he told BNN’s Greg Bonnell that Ontario’s new retirement pension plan is “hair-brained.”

Axe the Ontario pension tax
The Ontario government's proposed Ontario Registered Pension Plan (ORPP) is a mandatory pension plan which would target small businesses and their employees.

What the experts think of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
How does the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan stack up? We asked experts in retirement security field. "if you are below the CPP earnings ceiling of $53,000 the odds are you're doing fine and you don't have to save more for retirement ....
Toronto Star

Ontario to start implementing new pension plan in 2017, with full-out expected by 2020.
The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan will start requiring contributions from the largest employers, those with more than 500 workers, in 2017.
National Post

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